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About GloveBOX is an entity of Plutus Retail Pvt. Ltd.

We really have 2 goals - Make ecommerce easy, fun and affordable. Alright, that was really 3, but you get the point.

We, at GloveBOX started out by launching our own theme/brands based stores and we ran into some road bumps. We realized the challenges and went back to the drawing board! We now offer services to vendors, retailers who have been thinking about starting their own store, but have not taken the leap. It's time to take the next step!

If Technology is too much for you, add your products to GloveBOX Marketplace. GloveBOX makes it simple, easy and maintains your brand identity! 

GloveBOX is launching a series of stores to provide Premium brand merchandise to Global consumers. Merchandise on our stores are branded, affordable and come with full satisfaction guarantee. More on that in Terms and Conditions.

Using the latest in in e-commerce and technology we provide to our customers


Wide variety of themed stores with merchandise and accessories
Better choices through multiple brands
Detailed product description, reviews and high resolution images
Partnerships with reputed Brands/Suppliers
Easy Shipping/Logistics/Returns
Safe and Secure packaging
Enhanced Customer Service


We love to hear what our customers have to say. Do you have a need to create an online store but don't want the hassles, do you need a store of your own?

We can help!

Please feel free to send us a note to